HS20K-20kw.Tuulegeneraator 20kw.max.25kw.
Mast 18m.Propeller diam.10m.
Pinge 3f.220,380v.50hz.
kaal 4907kg.kompl hind:480.000eek.+km.

20KW Wind Turbine Generator
Wind round diameter: 10m 
Blades quantity: 3 pcs 
Direction: always downwind
Blades material: Glass fiber reinforced plastic
Rated output: 20000W 
Maximum output: 25000W 
Initial voltage: 360V
Initial wind speed: 3m/s 
Nominal wind speed: 12m/s 
Stormstand: up to 45m/s 
Wind protection: AutoFurl
Rotor speed: 90 turns per min
Wind turbine type: PMG (on constant magnets)
Working temperature: from -40 to +60 C
Annual average energy production: 55000kWh 
Charge control: AIC (automatic intelligent control)
Recommended accumulators: 12V400AH 30PC
Accumulators full charge time: about 16 hours 

Weight: 1256kg(without mast)                                                      

Hind:generaator 210.000eek.+km.                                                        

20kw.generaator,hüdraulilise mastiga(langetatav)