Soojuspumbaga tarbe vett soojendades,hoiate kokku kuni 4x elektri kulusid.Veeboileri osa suurused on 100-300l.Veeboiler on roostevaba,pealmine kate on kas roostevaba või värvitud.Soojuspumbad on võimsusega 2,5-5,3kw.Muundusteguriga(COP) 4,2-5,2.Külmavastase sulatus süsteemiga.

Hind:14.960eek. kuni 38,300eek.

Air To Water Chiller & Heat Pump water heater features:

Refrigerant ( gas): R407c, R410a, R417a, optional
LCD display control panel
Automatic unit on/off timer clock
Insufficient water flow protection
High/Low pressure protection
Galvanized panel which is rustless. (It can withstand salt spray test 500 hours )
Automatic reversing defrosting function enables units to work reliably in hard winter.

Product Description

This system including storage tank and outdoor machine. There are four main parts of outdoor machine:including compressor,condensator,evaporator,explanding value.
1)Inner tank material:SUS304 stainless steel with 1.2MM
2)Ourter tank material: zinc coating with color: silver.whiter.purple.stainless steel
3)Hot water Output:60-65 degrees
4)It get heat energy from air,so the enrgy cost is only 1/4" to 1/3",which saved lots of electricity cost.

 Capacity range: 2. 5kw, 3. 5kw, 5. 3kw for Heat Pump Water Heater All in One Type/heat pump water heater.

Kompressor Sanyo,Copeland.Külmaaine R410A.Võimsus(väljatulev) 3,7kw.Tarbitav 0,96kw.Programmeeritav.

Mudel:200l.            250l.             300l.

Kaal:  73kg.           82kg.            97kg.  

Hind:30.200eek.    32.800eek.      34.900eek. Emeleeritud boileriga

Hind:33.000eek.    36.000eek.      38.300eek. Roostevaba boileriga